Mix sags

Sometimes I do not have enough pictures of a sagger to make a post. So I will sometimes make a post of “mix” saggers.

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Blue sag

He was in a long distance so the pics are not the best… but his sag worth to be posted here…

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Bronx, today

This is a short video of an impressive sag ! I ran some new streets in da bronx for ya… sometimes kind of dangerous… wish you appreciate da video ! Brox’s sag

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2 from da Bronx

Fresh video of 2 saggers from da Bronx… 1 of them has his sag growin all the time until he pulled it up… hot ! I took that video today ! 2 saggers from da

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On da pier

This boy is not showing a huge sag but I know that some of you will appreciate it… I’m goin to Coney today… will tell you later what I got for you… and maybe make

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Is that too low ?

Police passby, check the sag and says nothing… so let those sag growin ! This boy in red boxers was dancin on the beach, revealing more and more boxers… His friends were saggin low too

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Souvenir of the month

Each month I’ll dig in the members area to highlight a sagger that deserve your comments! Please check it and comment!

January 2019 perfect sag revisited
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