Sagging fashion Polls

Are you a sagger ? Do you like the sagging fashion ? Give us your opinion about all the way to sag your pants. If prisonners were sagging pants because belts were prohibited, today we sag our pants by fashion (maybe some of us by addiction or fetishism). Also, some of us like it extreme, with boxers or boxerbriefs, some with baggy pants, others with trackpants or bball shorts… There’s a number of ways and reasons to sag your pants. While some people hate that fashion, here we love it !

Tell us how you sag, why you sag, what you love in that fashion. We’ll add polls on a regular basis to learn more about what you love ! So please check that page often !

What size you buy your jeans?

Do you buy your jeans too big to let them sag?
627 votes

Do you guys buy your jeans, shorts, trackpants too big to let them sag? Do you like to let your pants sag and then pull them up to let them slide better and sag even lower? Do you like the feeling of the pants going down, lower and lower? Do ya wear your pants baggy? If you love them baggy, check those baggy saggers.

” I sag my pants because I like it. It’s hot and comfortable. I usually buy pants some sizes too big and the sag make it self. Sometimes I have to bend over and then my sag is ready for the street!


Are you into basketball shorts?

Are you into bball shorts?
1124 votes

Are you into basketball shorts, nylon shorts, dazzle shorts? Do ya sometimes double sag with them? Do you wear them as underwear? If you love bball shorts sags, check those saggers

Jeans or Sweatpants?

Jeans or Sweatpants?
910 votes

What do you like to see the more on a sagger if ya have to choose between jeans and sweatpants? If you are into jeans, check those saggers, if you’re more into trackpants or sweatpants saggers, check those ones.

What are you watching first?

D***print sagger or Bootie Candy?
937 votes

What are you watching first? That bulge on the front or that bootiecandy from behind? Those dickprints turn you on? Check those saggers and website. If you prefer a big bootie in some underwear, check those ones.

How do ya like your thug?

Do ya like your thug saggin in public?
783 votes

Do you like to chill out with your thug sagging on the streets? Walk the streets with your him, go shopping to buy him new boxers, new jeans or basketball shorts that he can sag later

How do ya like your thug?
811 votes

What color should be your thug?
948 votes

Are you into trackpants?

Are you into trackpants?
508 votes

What's your 3 favorites trackpants brands?
1187 votes

Do you like double sags ?

Are you into double sags?
906 votes

Are you into double sags ? Do you wear double boxers, bball shorts and boxers ? trackpants and bball shorts ? 

What kind of Underwear would you prefer to sag?

What kind of Underwear would you prefer to sag?
1422 votes


What kind of Underwear would you prefer to sag ? Does it matter when you go outside ? Do you choose your underwear matching your clothes ? 

Are you a street sagger ?

Are you a street sagger ?
930 votes

If you sag your pants, where do you do it most? At home ? At school ? At work ? On da streets ? 

” I really mostly only wear boxers (Joe Boxer is my favorite!) I like to wear baggy sweatpants, basketball shorts, jeans, and sometimes pajama pants. I like to keep my pants sliding between mid and full ass in the back and right on top of to mid dick in front, I love the slipping feeling! I love to see other guys sagging baggy pants mid to full ass with boxers and I shouldn’t expect others to sag if I dont, right?


Extreme sags ?

Are you into extreme sags?
1280 votes


Do you like to see an extreme sag ? Do you like to wear your pants to your knees ? I’d like to know how many of you enjoy that 🙂

“I sag to my knees.


“I sag oversized baggy jeans to my ankles because I love the way it looks and feels on me

Extreme Sag

Branded underwear ?

Show your brands underwear !

When you sag your pants you have to show some brands underwear and some bootie!  
👅 🍆 💦

I noticed that lots of saggers like the pony Polo Ralph Lauren boxers, hanes boxerbriefs and some tommy hilfiger… which brands do you like?

👀 👅 💯

Do you wear branded underwear ?
868 votes

How do you like your waistband ?
781 votes

What are your favorite underwear brands (choose 3) ?
1763 votes

I like sagging low show my waistband and colour Calvin Klein boxer briefs”


Front sag ?

I love to see a front sag, some saggers just wear their pants so low you can see their dickprint ! How about you ? do you enjoy a front sag ?

Front or back sag?
992 votes

If you are into front sags…
930 votes

I love to sag where everyone can see my bulge.”


Sagging with others saggers

I love sagging my pants cause it’s fashionable and all my friends be sagging there pants.”


Did you ever sag with others saggers ?
827 votes

If you were with another sagger, would you (if you could) (top 3)
1819 votes

I Love sagging my pants because a lot of my friends in middle and high school showed me how to sag their pants .”


I don’t know exactly why, I just do, and I don’t think I can wear my trousers in waist anymore. I sag mid thigh, with an inch of leg skin showing.”


Wet sagging

Do you like your sag getting wet?
791 votes

Baggy or skinny, belt or no?

Belt or no?
948 votes

Belt or no?
953 votes

It looks sexy asf when you wear it well. Plus it’s da walk day makes it hott “


I sag very oversized baggy jeans to my knees everyday all over public. I love to sag my baggy jeans to my knees because I love the way it looks and feels on me.

Sagging Dan

Sagging pants (brief) history

Sagging pants began in the US prison system where belts are banned due to the risk that they can be used as weapons or to commit suicide. Sagging is initially practiced by prisoners who for the most part wear “baggy” pants “and have no alternative but to let them descend along their buttocks. However, they continue to dress in this way once they leave prisons in order to recognize themselves between ex-prisoners. Hip-hop artists adopted this look in the 90s and it quickly became popular among the youth. However, today, many young people proudly sag their pants as a mark of rebellion.

I sag because my pants naturally falls bellow my waistline.


”  I love to sag my pants I like how my booty looks wearing sagging pants I sag everyday all my friends show me how to sag. 


How low?

How low do you sag?
953 votes

Which is the best sag?
2242 votes

I sag my pants because it is fashionable. I also like when the guys are looking at me on the DL. I only sag when I am wearing hip hop gear, sweat pants or shorts and regular shorts or jean shorts. but I make sure that I have on clean underwear and smell good in the front and in the back


I do like my pants half way of my ass


” I love saggin my pants been doin it for over 10 yrs like to sagg below ass sometimes almost to knees


“Because I like the way it looks and I think that is sexy to a guy who sags. I sag my pants with ass n dick showing. I believe that people need stop bitching about saggers to pull up their pants because it no different when people who grow up in the 60’s.”


“Just above my ass. I like the way it looks and feels and it makes a fashion statement who I am”


I just love to sag and see sags


I love to sag when I am wearing tight briefs and I do a full ass sag cause I like how my booty look and love to show it


I sag because it looks damn good, It is stylish


” I will sag my pants generally mid to below ass. I will sag in jeans, jean shorts, or cargos with boxers briefs. Sagging is a bold style and shows that one has confidence – especially with an extreme sag.”


I sag for convenience, sensuality and follow new trends


Makes me feel good about myself. It’s comfortable and hot.

SFV Sagger

Because I Think It’s Really Hot & I’m From The Hood Moncrief & Cleveland & I Live In Jacksonville Florida So Yeah I Like Doing It Now & I’m Working On Gettin Me A Six Pack For The Summer So I Can Really Sag




I sag my pants below my ass because it feels so good and it looks good.


I sag oversized baggy to my ankles jeans all over public everyday . I sag that low because I like the way it looks and feels and I love the way people look at me.


Sagging pants excites me very much – I love wide and jeans and any sports


It looks cool.


Because I like so much, I think is very cool, and how? most with sweatpants but sometimes with shorts or skinny jeans, I wear earrings too, so I think is cool.


I love to sag below my ass in levis, wranglers or American Eagle jeans.


Boxers, boxerbriefs, bball shorts?

Boxers VS Boxerbriefs
2115 votes

Do you like bball shorts under jeans?
686 votes

I love the feeling when I sag my leather pants 


I love to sag with a jockstrap ! 


I don’t know why but I just like how it feels and I like to see sags. I like it below the ass especially when I wear skinny jeans or when it’s hot. I only sag in boxers briefs cause I don’t have any boxers.”

Swagger sagger

I like the feeling of sagging a little bit I’m not daring like some are but I love really low baggy saggers and daring freeballers so hot