DC sagger

Hey, gone to DC to bring you some new saggers… Look what I found today… more to come…

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Tonight sag…

It was really hard to bring you that… bad light, black boxerbriefs, kind of nervous followin this HUGE sagger by night cause he watched me several times when I was waitin for him… So, sorry

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USA master

He was not showin a huge sag but it sometimes goin low enough for me… hope you’ll enjoy this one… comments welcome !  

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Harlem’s daddy sag

Video of that daddy sagging in Harlem. That’s funny how I noticed that young daddys usually sag ! I’ll have to make a post about dat. Got plenty of sexy daddys sagging… Also enjoy the

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Classic bball shorts

Sagging basketball shorts is so easy… you can also wear them as underwear, as boardshorts, wear 2 of them, under another shorts, under some jeans…

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bball shorts

Rainy day

Video : this is the first rainy day since I’m in NYC ! But saggers always there… enjoy that video of that bball shorts sagger + a short bonus at the end.

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Waistband sags

Sometimes they show only their waistband boxers or a little more… Tell me if you like that or if you prefer huge sags… I need to know, that blog is for your pleasure… Send comments !

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Mix sags

Sometimes I do not have enough pictures of a sagger to make a post. So I will sometimes make a post of “mix” saggers.

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Blue sag

He was in a long distance so the pics are not the best… but his sag worth to be posted here…

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Bronx, today

This is a short video of an impressive sag ! I ran some new streets in da bronx for ya… sometimes kind of dangerous… wish you appreciate da video ! Brox’s sag

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