That’s how I was takin videos before bootycandy learned me to do better… short video and shaky… But I’m sure some of you will appreciate those seconds…  

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bball shorts

Pony boxers

Those pony boxers were THE summer boxers ! Saggers love them… so do I… Hope some of ya enjoy them too 🙂 I probably have some HD pics of him and his friend… let me

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Bike sagger

I remember how nervous I was followin that bike sagger on that bronx’s street… was exciting too… and when I saw there was another sagger at the end of street,I was like in heaven !

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That’s a preview of that West Indian Parade… It shows you how hot it can be …. and how hard it is to make choices…

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Sun on sag !

Some of you know that BMX serie. This is a re-edition for those who never saw him with some exclusive, never posted pics… Comments always appreciate 😉

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Blue moon

Here’s the complete set of that HOT sagger… he was the first I’ve seen in US… he was my welcome gift !!

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