bball shorts


Backpacks usually hide some good sags but sometimes, backpacks helps to show good sags…  

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Boxerbriefs or Boxers ?

2 saggers, 2 ways to sag… Do ya prefer red boxerbriefs one or boxers boy ? Sorry if the video shakin… I was really nervous followin them in that corner someone told me not to

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Oh summer…

I already missed the summer and all the hot sagger ! They love to show their body on da streets… This kind of sag makes me crazy !  

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Pink bag

Night vision of that sagger… he’s showin a HUGE sag but why is he bringin that pink bag ?!? Maybe his girlfriend bag…  

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Souvenir of the month

Each month I’ll dig in the members area to highlight a sagger that deserve your comments! Please check it and comment!

November 2019: true religion sag
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