Sagging fashion Polls

Are you a sagger ? Do you like the sagging fashion ? Give us your opinion about all the way to sag your pants. If prisonners were sagging pants because belts were prohibited, today we sag our pants by fashion (maybe some of us by addiction or fetishism). Also, some of us like it extreme, with boxers or boxerbriefs, some with baggy pants, others with trackpants or bball shorts… There’s a number of ways and reasons to sag your pants. While some people hate that fashion, here we love it !

Tell us how you sag, why you sag, what you love in that fashion. We’ll add polls on a regular basis to learn more about what you love ! So please check that page often !

Summer sag polls

“I Love sagging my pants because a lot of my friends in middle and high school showed me how to sag their pants .”


Sagging pants (brief) history

Sagging pants began in the US prison system where belts are banned due to the risk that they can be used as weapons or to commit suicide. Sagging is initially practiced by prisoners who for the most part wear “baggy” pants “and have no alternative but to let them descend along their buttocks. However, they continue to dress in this way once they leave prisons in order to recognize themselves between ex-prisoners. Hip-hop artists adopted this look in the 90s and it quickly became popular among the youth. However, today, many young people proudly sag their pants as a mark of rebellion.

“I sag because my pants naturally falls bellow my waistline.”


Tell us why and how you sag your pants

There is many reasons and way to sag your pants, we would like to hear YOUR reason. Please complete this form, we’ll post your response here.

“I love to sag when I am wearing tight briefs and I do a full ass sag cause I like how my booty look and love to show it”


“I will sag my pants generally mid to below ass. I will sag in jeans, jean shorts, or cargos with boxers briefs. Sagging is a bold style and shows that one has confidence – especially with an extreme sag.”


I like the feeling of sagging a little bit I’m not daring like some are but I love really low baggy saggers and daring freeballers so hot


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